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Shenzhen Gaodashang Electronics Co., Ltd.
Kundenspezifische Hersteller
Hauptprodukte:Karaoke-Mikrofon, Lavalier-Mikrofon, Karaoke-Lautsprecher, Kinder kamera, Kinderspiel zeug
Rang Nr.2 am beliebtesten in MikrofoneOn-site material inspectionCompetitive OEM factoryTesting instruments (10)Finished product inspection
1. We have complete product certificates.
2. We can understand the your market demand and we are able to provide constructive suggestions.
3. We are professional about products, understand the latest trends in the industry and share your with customers in time.
4. We support small batch customization and flexible payment methods.
5. We regularly develop new products, inform you as soon as possible and send your free samples.
6. We support ODM, "one-stop" service mode (mold opening-sending samples-mass production-quality inspection-shipping-after-sales gurantee)
7. We analyze competition in the local market and provide timely strategies to resolve competition issues and your concerns.
8. We have dedicated and independent QC department to conduct strict double quality inspection before production and shipment.
9. We are more than 100 workers and 20 production lines. Our daily output is 8k-10K pcs.


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